Why is PayPal rejecting my card?

Why PayPal does not accept cards? 2022 immediately Why is PayPal rejecting my card?

  • Why is PayPal rejecting my card?
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Why doesn’t PayPal accept the card right away?

There are a few reasons why the card has not been accepted in PayPal processed.

Being one of the most common problems of most of the people who daily manage the platform, of the platform but who do not obtain a concrete and satisfactory response from it or they do not give a valid reason for which we are being affected. Because of this, I will leave you with some of the basic or primary reasons for PayPal rejection that you should take into account to resolve your situation, since not all of them have the same problem. Why is PayPal rejecting my card?

The reason your card has been declined is to prevent people from paying for things with stolen or unauthorized cards. The selection process is quite complex and can sometimes affect valid cards.

card is valid, but its yes link is not yet done, the PayPal platform will automatically suggest that we try another card or that we try again later, this option being the most feasible.


Another option is to link it as a bank account. Paying with your bank account is a quick and easy way to keep track of your spending.

Once you’ve linked your bank account, you can more securely use it to pay for things. Merchants can receive payments, but they never see your bank account details.

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Reasons to consider (before) linking your card to PayPal 2021

In order not to be immediately rejected by paypal, in the first attempt take into account these updated tips, in addition to the fact that all the cases are identical and therefore we apologize in advance if your case is not carried out, at the bottom of this article you can Leave your experience in a brief comment and we will gladly contact you.

In order to help you we must take into account essential factors and that you have not overlooked before, during and after (in the linking process)

Here I leave you the most relevant and practical that we overlooked!

  • Precise and existing data in both accounts «PayPal + card» such as (the same email, residence address, telephone, full name)
    exceed the account limit without realizing it.
  • Expiration of your PayPal account: it happens when we have passed 6 months without using the account.
  • (new) accounts: when we do it for the first time or open another account, we must bear in mind that the system takes 24 to 42 hours to verify and in turn associate the personal data as a natural person and identify that it is not a fraud.
  • Check that your Card is up to date or limited. (with your issuing bank)
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why paypal does not accept my card

The aforementioned processes are created for the sole purpose of avoiding (theft, impersonation, etc.) Be patient, even if it does not seem like the best alternative, review the main reasons and time for the process. to a still uncertain why paypal rejects the card immediately, since a deeper investigation of this topic is required. But rest assured that in the next few days a more extensive and specific article will be published giving a more precise answer to the topic.

A still stands Why paypal immediately rejects our card?

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An effective solution for your card to be accepted on the paypal platform

Most people have already tried it and their relationship has become a success. As a first step, we must remember why PayPal withdraws that money, its security system makes a disbursement in USD cents, thus allowing all its users to be safe and calm when managing their money on the platform.

Now that we know that little detail, we must load our card so that the verification is a success

If you want to know which cards can be linked to PayPal, read the following article

In the following video you will find the step by step with more details and so you can also link it


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